this items for free

13 CPs

Refined MoonGem
45 CPs

Refined Rainbow Gem
65 CPs

Refined Phoenix Gem
65 CPs

Refined VioletGem
45 CPs

Refined KylinGem
35 CPs

215 CPs

Magical Bottle
1870 CPs

Dye your armor black

+ HP 800, MP 800; available for the level 15 or above

Add extra MP 400; available for the level 15 or above


10 CPs

Penitence Amulet
10 CPs

Disguses you as a kind of monster

Contains 10 LifeFruits that can recover your HP and MP

Decreases your PK points by 30

27 CPs

Clear Water
135 CPs

Ninja Amulet
215 CPs

Gain double exp. from killing monsters in the next 60 minutes
The effect will not disappear unless the server is rebooted.

1st rebirth necessary item, take it to look for Celestina, Central Plain (365,92)

Change your body size freely

Lucky Amulet
75 CPs

Super Tortoise Gem
780 CPs

Given by SolarSaint in
Dis City Quest, it can be exchanged for new hairstyles with Mr. Free in Phoenix Castle

2nd rebirth directly after you give it to Alex, Love Canyan (436,311) once you meet 2nd Reborn requirement

Reduces 6% damage

27 CPs

Increase your experiences and Level weapon?s proficiency

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